Secure Team 1

Protection is Priority One

Providing highly trained active, off-duty, and former Law Enforcement Officers for your private security needs nationwide.
We have all thought or heard, “Where are the cops when you need them?” The fact is, police departments are forced into a reactionary state of operation because they operate with too few officers on too small a budget. These circumstances result in longer response times ultimately exposing citizens and businesses to greater risk. Law Enforcement agencies are so busy chasing criminals that have already committed crimes, they are unable to focus on the prevention of crimes.

Armed Security

Secure Team 1 armed officers are not your average armed security guards, our armed officers are highly trained professionals. Not every situation calls for an immediate escalation leading to potentially deadly force, Secure Team 1 professionals carry non-lethal alternatives, including de-escalation training and tactics. Our highly trained professionals can often diffuse a negative situation before it becomes a serious problem.

Unarmed Security

Guard services include uniformed standing guards, bodyguards and plain clothes guards that accommodate your security needs. Secure Team 1 offers unarmed security guards as a service you can trust. We realize the importance of protecting your property and assets, our officers will work diligently to stop thieves and to be a visual deterrent against crime.

Private Investigation

Secure Team 1 also performs undercover investigations with a screened private investigator. Our skilled P.I. investigator can pose as an employee and gather information on workplace problems. Once issues have been uncovered, we can assist you by outlining and implementing the appropriate steps to address your concerns and prevent future problems.

Loss Prevention

Secure Team 1's Loss Prevention Agents are a highly skilled plain clothed team that are trained to work in retail environments in a manner that enhances safety for the employer, employees, and customers, but does not interfere with business. Our Loss Prevention agents work efficiently to keep your retail environment secure from theft, while acting in a manner that is discrete and respectful.