Private Investigation

We understand the importance of discretion and believe the best way to
protect your privacy is to keep your inquiry between yourself and Secure Team 1.


Private Investigation Work

  • Domestic Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Locates
  • Missing Persons
  • Computer Forensics
  • Litigation Defense
  • Video & Photo Evidence
  • Insurance Cases
  • virtually any circumstance where you need to find the truth.


Our expert private detectives have conducted investigations for the general public, high profile law firms and corporations, insurance companies, professional athletes, movie stars, politicians, dignitaries, rock stars, supermodels, and royalty.

We have many private client services available, and take on many different cases, including matrimonial infidelity, identity theft, and computer forensics. Corporate investigations are also important to us; we assist with background checks and pre-employment screening as well as insurance investigations. Our private investigators are experienced and capable in helping you with your particular case.


Some Basics to be Thinking About...

It’s like an itch you can’t scratch. You just have to know if that potential contractor was your elementary school bully, why your significant other is acting so strangely, or whether or not the new girl at the office is married.

You see, people leave cookie crumbs all over the web while they’re surfing. Many social media sites have users who don’t enable all the possible security precautions. That leaves you an open door to check personal information about relationship status, political views, and even contact information without opening your mouth to ask. Also, more serious information like criminal records and job history are available through the right surreptitious channels with just a little know-how.Learn how to search social media, government records, and even Internet history with just a few clicks and put your mind at ease. However, use your detective power only for good, and perhaps a little self-satisfaction.